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mac2cash franchise program

What is it?

The mac2cash franchise program provides the complete turnkey package to allow companies to operate an independent mac2cash trade-in franchise in their own country. Originally built by The Bookyard Ltd. for the UK market, the mac2cash model now operates franchise agreements with a single approved company in each country to provide the simplest, safest and most efficient Apple trade-in system available.

How does it work?

A country-specific mac2cash web site is setup and hosted in the local language (translated text to be provided) including a country-specific version of the powerful back-end administration system for maintaining and operating the mac2cash trade-in operation. The site is fully integrated with the courier systems allowing completely automated identification, quoting, booking, collection and delivery of Apple product trade-ins. The trade account functionality along with the accompanying quote API allow the provision of a trade-in service to any relevant Apple repairer or reseller within the country.Tight integration between each mac2cash regional site means that each franchise benefits from the growing brand strength, search engine visibility and google ranking of the others as well as referred traffic.

Who can apply?

We only appoint one franchisee per country but if your country flag does not appear along the top of the mac2cash web sites then the franchise for your country may still be available. We are looking for companies who are well established in the Apple marketplace within their country who have the experience and infrastructure to not only operate the franchise but to be able to develop a Mac refurb business through which to sell the machines purchased through mac2cash. If you are interested in operating the exclusive mac2cash franchise for your country, please contact us.

What does it cost?

Approved franchisees pay a one off setup fee and then a percentage of all completed payments for purchased machines. Contact us for further details.