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Our commitment to Security

We take your data security very seriously. For full information on our GDPR compliance, data protection and privacy policies, see our privacy page. We guarantee that personal data on your machine will not be accessed in any way but will be securely erased and overwritten imediately once your payment has been authorised, using a 7-pass overwrite algorythm exceeding the DoD 5220.22-M specification. Where required for corporate compliance, media can be erased using Blancco 5 and a closed system certificate of data sanitisation provided.

Your contact details are used solely for the purpose of collecting and paying for your machine, and will never be used by us for any other purpose or passed on to any other company unless the machine received is believed to have been stolen.

We take a hard line on theft and work pro-actively to identify stolen machines by checking the serial number of every device booked in on mac2cash against CheckMEND, the largest database of lost or stolen devices in the world which is used by the UK Police force. If any serial number is flagged as stolen, all details will be forwarded to the Police.