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Our Commitment to the Environment

The mac2cash.com web site is operated by The Bookyard Ltd., a recycling company who focus on re-use. We are registered as a waste carrier with the UK Environment Agency (carrier licence number CBDU108470). If your Mac is disassembled for parts rather than re-sold, any parts or materials that cannot be re-used in any way are recycled responsibly using material-specific recycling services including Restore. However, such material processing still consumes energy and produces waste. We believe that re-use is the ultimate form of recycling which is why we strive to make every conceivable part of every Apple product available for the repair of other faulty Apple products which would otherwise end up being recycled or binned themselves. From the big parts like logic board & LCDs down to individual screws & key caps, it's all available on thebookyard.com web store. Keeping one faulty machine out of the bin and re-using it's working parts can fix a dozen other machines and keep them from the bin. Although we have expanded into other areas, this recycling model is still the core of what we do and the reason we do it.