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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to send you my Apple product before getting paid?

Yes you do. We have to verify that the device is as described before sending payment. We realise this requires a degree of trust but The Bookyard is a established and widely respected company and we would not risk damaging our reputation by being anything other than trustworthy and reliable. If in doubt, google thebookyard!

Does my Apple product have to be fully working?

No. One of the great things about mac2cash is that it is run by The Bookyard, an Apple recycling company and specialist Mac parts supplier. We can therefore buy Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones in pretty much any condition and strip them down for parts. You obviously won't get as much but our instant quote system allows you to specify three levels of fault in addition to fully working so that we can give you the best price.

Will you pay the sum quoted?

Yes. Provided you have selected the condition and accessories supplied options that best describe the Apple product we receive from you, that the product is complete and not an assembled collection of faulty parts, and provided it is received by us within 24 days from booking in, we will always pay the sum we quoted when the device was booked in. Even if there is a minor discrepency, we take the view that this was probably unintentional and usually still pay the quoted amount as we have no intention of playing games or upsetting our valued customers. Obviously if there is a significant discrepency then we reserve the right to re-quote as I am sure you would expect. See our FAQ on most common reasons for requoting. Please note that where payment by PayPal is chosen, PayPal will deduct their normal fees (typically 3.4%) for receiving money from the sum we send.

Will I get paid in 48hrs?

You can be paid within 48hrs of collection but this depends on four things; your chosen payment method, whether your Mac is faulty, whether you accurately describe it and whether we have to pre-ship you an original Apple box for the shipment of larger Macs. In most cases your Apple product will be working, correctly described and sent in your own box. In this event, payment will be actioned within 48hrs of your chosen collection date. If you requested payment by PayPal or bank transfer (BACS), the funds will reach your PayPal account imediately but if you asked to be paid by cheque, we have to post it so it may take a couple of extra days to get to you. Faulty Macs require one additional working day to assess. Pre-shipping a box to you will add 2 working days. Inaccurately described products will delay payment until we are able to agree a resolution with you.

Is this the best price I could get?

Probably not. If you are prepared to sell your Apple product on the open market i.e. eBay, you may well get a higher price. Our service is designed for those who don't wish to, or know they will never get around to selling privately and want a quick, simple and risk-free way of selling their Apple product. Having said that, being an Apple specialist, we pay higher rates than general computer trade-in sites.

What do the four different working condition options mean?

"Fully working" means there are no electrical faults or mechanical faults that affect the functioning of the machine, that it is safe to use & stable when running, and that all ports and drives are fully working.

"Booting but faulty" means that the machine starts up and loads the operating system (OS) OK but there are known faults. This would include faulty optical drive, broken or significantly blemished LCD panel, iPad or iPhone with cracked screen/digitiser, broken laptop hinges or a malfunctioning keyboard but would exclude major logic board (motherboard) faults such as faulty RAM sockets or graphics chips.

"Not Booting" means either the machine is completely dead or it powers on but will not load Mac OSX/iOS and operate normally. This category excludes any device that has had liquid spilled on it.

"Liquid Damaged" covers all devices that have any kind of fault and have been subject to a liquid spill. The price offered is the lowest tier because liquid can cause extensive damage to almost all internal parts.

Please be honest in your assessment. All machines are inspected and tested before payment so inaccurate descriptions may result in you being re-quoted and will delay payment.

What are the most common reasons for re-quoting?

Faulty optical drive : The optical/CD drive is one of the most common items to fail in a Mac because it has moving parts and is prone to getting dust in. When they fail, they often start with the higher level functions first such as DVD burning and since many people don't use that function, they may not have been aware of the fault. Unfortunately, even if the optical drive works for some functions, if it is faulty in any way then we could not sell the machine as fully working without carrying our a repair and fitting a new drive and so if the machine has been booked in as fully working, we will requote as 'Booting but faulty'.

Not Excellent Condition : Although we are lenient on the subjective matter of cosmetic condition, when someone has specifically booked a machine in as excellent condition, we expect it to be in great shape. If it has dents, cracks, significant scratches or scuffs, we will downgrade the cosmetic condtion and requote. The 'Excellent Condition' option is there to reflect the fact that in the parts market, case parts rarely sell unless they are A-grade so we reflect the additional value by offering a higher price.

Wrong system disks : If a machine is booked in as coming with Retail sysyem disks but only comes with the disks it shipped with, we will remove the value of the retail dists from the quote. The system disks that ship with Macs can generally only be used on that generation of machine whereas upgrade and full system instals that are bought separately from Apple are special generic versions which will install on any machine capable of running that system version. Consequently these 'Retail' versions are much more valuable and our quote system reflects this.

Cracked Screen/Digitiser : If an iPhone or iPad is booked in as fully working but the screen glass is cracked, we will requote as 'Booting but faulty'. This is because the digitiser is a functional part of these devices and a crack in the glass presents a risk of injury so would have to be replaced before it unit could be sold as fully working.

Do I need to have the original box?

No you don't, but large desktop Macs do need to be shipped in an original Apple box with inserts and so we would have to pre-ship a box to you. You will be informed during the quote process if this is the case. All other Apple products must be packed in a suitable strong box if the original box is not available. Detailed packing guidelines will be emailed to you when you complete the booking. PLEASE ensure you read and follow these instruction. Products damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging will not be covered by insurance.

Why can't I specify the hard disk & memory size?

We designed mac2cash to be as simple and quick to use as possible by only asking for information that will significantly affect the price we offer. Because demand and resale value for used memory and hard disks is relatively small and they therefore would not affect the price we would pay, we do not ask you to specify them.

Can I specify the time of day for collection?

Unfortunately the time of collection cannot be specified and can be any time between 9am and 5:30pm on the requested day. Someone must be in during those times to hand over the box and so please specify an address and date when this will be possible. If this is not possible you can select the UPS Access Point option which is where we still pay for the shipment and supply you with the label, but you can drop the package off at your local UPS Access Point at your convenience. If there is no local UPS Access Point, consider collection from a work, friend or family member's address.

Can I leave the box in a garage, shed, neighbour, under a plant pot etc?

No. To ensure the safety and security of your Mac, iPad or iPhone, if you choose the collection option, someone MUST be in at the specified collection address on the requested day to hand over the box in person to UPS. If this is not possible you can select the UPS Access Point option which is where we still pay for the shipment and supply you with the label, but you can drop the package off at your local UPS Access Point at your convenience. If there is no local UPS Access Point, consider collection from a work, friend or family member's address.

Will the UPS driver give me a receipt?

If you use the UPS Access Point option, you will be given a receipt when you drop yoru machine off. If you use the Collection option, the UPS driver will normally not provide a receit. It is usual for the major courier companies not to issue receipts because the moment they scan the barcoded label on the box using their hand held computer, the collection data is transmitted live to UPS' system along with the time and GPS location. This will show on the tracking information for that parcel.

Can I send my Apple product to you myself?

Yes you can. If you don't want to use the Collection or UPS Access Point options, just select 'I will send' from the collection date drop-down list when entering your details. This allows us to trade-in machines from remote areas and outlying islands of the UK. Products sent to us are shipped at your own risk and the quote price is only valid for 24 days.

Can I trade in against a new purchase?

Yes you can and you get 20% more for your device! If you are interested in purchasing a new or refurbished Mac, iPhone or iPad from our click4mac.com web store, just select 'click4mac.com voucher ' as the payment method during booking and once we have received and checked your device, we will send you a click4mac voucher code for the quoted sum + VAT which means you get 20% more discount. Although we can pay you via a partial refund of a recent click4mac purchase, we recommend either sending us your device and waiting until we have cleared it for payment before purchasing on click4mac, or if you want to reserve a product, order it on click4mac but add a note during checkout to ask us not to ship it until your mac2cash job has been cleared for payment. This is just in case we discover a problem with your device that you were not aware of and we have to reduce our offer which can complicate things if you purchased a new device based on the assumption that you would receive a certain amount for your old device.

What about my data?

All Macs are booted from an external test drive during inspection and we never access any data on your hard disk or SSD. As a necessary part of the testing process, your hard disk or SSD will securely erased if it is fully functional, or physically destroyed after payment has been made if faulty. Hard drives are erased using software to execute a 7-pass multiple pattern overwrite algorythm which exceeds the requirements of the US Department of Defense data sanitization standard (DoD 5220.22-M). Once complete, data recovery is not possible using any software tool and the drive will then be re-used.

Can I book in lots of devices?

It depends on how many. The service and pricing offered my mac2cash is aimed at individual machines. If you are booking in more than 5 of any category of device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone etc.), you should either contact us to confirm pricing or visit our corporate IT asset disposal site macITAD.com.

How do I de-register my iPhone or iPad?

To reduce the threat of theft, iPhones and iPads can not be erased or reset without the permission of the iCloud account holder to which the device is registered. To de-register from the device iteself, go to Settings, then iCloud, then Find my iPhone, then turn off Find my iPhone. This will require you to enter your iCloud/Apple ID password. To de-register from another device or computer, go to www.icloud.com and log into your iCloud account. Click the Settings icon and then select the required device from the My Devices section. From the list that appears, click the X by the device to de-register from your iCloud account.

How do I disable Apple Startup Security options?

In 2018, Apple started using the T2 security chip in it's computers which provided the option of preventing the device being started up from an external device or from an un-authorised system. This was a great feature as it makes these devices far less attractive to thieves. Apple enables these two options by default but this means that if you send us your computer without disabling them first, the computer is completely inaccessible and cannot be erased or resold. If your computer is operational, you must disable these options before sending it to us. The Secure Boot option must be set to No Security and the External Boot option must be set to Allow booting from external media. To access these options, follow Apple's instructions here.